* Forum rules *

Based on previous experiences the following rules have been established for participation in the forum of the AfM:

  1. In accordance with the principles of the AfM, a friendly style of the contributions is required.
  2. Abusive and offensive language towards persons and institutions is not allowed.
  3. Political contributions are not allowed.
  4. Contributions with a commercial character are not allowed when these contributions go further than an exchange of experiences.
  5. The contribution should not exceed 1 page. If an exception is necessary, then this should be discussed with the webmaster.
  6. All contributions should be accompanied by the full address of the contributor. Anonymous contributions will be removed.
  7. All contributions should be accompanied by the date. Three months after the last contribution to a theme, the contribution will be deleted.
  8. Contributions which do not conform to the points of above, will be deleted. The contributor will be informed about it. He can contact the chairman of the AfM for lodging a protest.
The conditions above are explicitly approved.
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